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Thank You Gift Ideas For Baby Shower /Baby Shower Thank You Gift Ideas/Thank You Baby Shower Gifts 

Thank you gifts for  close family and friends should be as special as  your new bundle of joy itself. You can find several thank you gifts in the market today from simple paper weights to scented candle and shower cream. 

Each of these gifts can be wrapped and presented as a wonderful keepsake and there are numerous gifts to select within your budget. 

So If you are looking for thank you gift ideas for baby shower, here is an amazing collection of thank you gift ideas for Baby Shower 

Photo frames
Pink or blue colour baby themed cute photo frames can serve as a wonderful keepsake for guests. Any online or offline party supply store would be the best place to look for these gifts. Just personalise it with printed labels and present to your guests.

Scented candles
Scented candles are available in several shapes and sizes at amazon and Ebay. Find a blue or pink colour scented candle as a thank you gift. It is not uncommon to find baby bottle shaped scented candles  and other candles of different shapes that can easily be an ideal thank you gift for baby shower guests.

Baby fridge magnets
Guests will surely fall in love with fridge magnets and a wonderful way to remind your guests often about the baby shower present is to present them with a pack of baby fridge magnets.  Little man magnets can be for baby shower of boys and Little lady magnets for baby  shower of girls can be another great keepsake. 

Place card holders
Cute card holders can be thought about as a baby shower thank you gift. Think about your guests placing those cards on their tables. Wonderful blue or pink colour cradle shaped , animal shaped or similar other  card holder can be an awesome take home gift for guests.

Measuring tapes
Measuring tape is a unique gift  for baby shower guests.  Look for baby themed animal or bee shaped measuring tapes. It is the best for either gender .  Find a good caption, personalize and attach a sticker to turn it to the best baby shower favour.

Coffee mugs
Printable coffee mug can be another wonderful gift for baby shower. Add a baby picture and other details to transform an ordinary coffee mug to a baby shower thank your gift. Get a pink or blue colour  mug depending on the gender of the baby and your guests will just love it!

Book marks
If you are looking for some unusual gifts,  look for some gift as a book mark. Book marks can be gifted in a beautiful gift box. Looking for something grand? Try out  shiny metallic ones  with good captions. It is also easy to make a book mark of your own and  exhibit your DIY  creative skills.

Present your guests with thank you gifts using your own ideas as the ones above. Let your thank you  gift remind  everyone of the special day!

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