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A person achieving a great milestone in life such as a retirement deserves a memorable gift. When the opportunity comes that you get invited to a retirement party, it is only appropriate to give a gift to the retiree.

  • Travel book with maps – If the retiree has been dreaming of traveling for the longest time now, a travel book with maps can help out in planning for the next getaway. 

  • Personalized clock – A clock may be a reminder of rush hours; but not anymore during retirement. Make a special personalized clock that shows the relevance of quality time spent with the best people in the best place on earth – home.

  • Charm bracelet with thoughtful messages – A personalized silver charm bracelet with a heartfelt message showing the recipient’s importance is a good gift especially for teachers. Make her feel how much you valued her lessons through a symbolic gift such as this. 
  • Retirement sash with inscription “I’m Outta Here, Bitches”

  • Wine rack – A wise person ages like wine. After retirement, there is more time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fine things in life. This is a nice gift for wine connoisseurs or just anyone who enjoys the finer flavors of food and beverages.

  • Bonsai – A bonsai plant is a beautiful gift that lasts for many years as long as it is cared for. This is a good for plant lovers or those who have the patience and interest for horticulture.

  • Travel vouchers – For someone who you think will enjoy traveling but hate the stress of booking and planning, travel vouchers may be ideal gifts for them. Many retirees love cruise trips. You can lessen the guesswork if you ask the recipient ahead of time about his or her dream destination. 

  • Luggage – A luggage set is a symbol of future travels. Someone may give a travel gift certificate, then this will definitely be useful. 

  • Novelty awards / trophies – Silly, funny, but endearing, these novelty trophy gifts are memorable and affordable items given by friends or relatives to retiring individuals.

  • Spa gift set – Retirement also means more time for pampering. Women, most of all, love the idea of having lots of time for self-care again. Skin care sets or bath sets make great gifts. Choose the more luxurious brands. Retirees deserve classy gifts, no less.

  • Spa vouchers – They will have more time to enjoy themselves. Going to a spa at any chosen day is an activity a retiree can do now. 

  • Barbecue grill – A retiree who loves to entertain and cook for friends and family will enjoy having a brand new barbecue grill. Life is short. This will give them more reason to enjoy good food with good company.

  • Wooden box - A wooden box, lined with felt cloth makes a nice receptacle of medals, awards, and memorable pins collected through the years of service. This is a nice gift for military retirees. 

  • Handmade quilt – A handmade quilt, lovingly made by close friends, students, or family members is a thoughtful gift that will bring back warm memories whenever this will be used.

  • Cell phone – Someone who has only depended on a service phone issued by the company will appreciate a brand new phone in the latest model. This symbolizes the start of freedom and yet it can still be a way to keep the connection when the need arises.
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