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The success of an event may not have been possible without the efforts of volunteers. Their time and labor of love are priceless. Often, a party for the volunteers is most fitting especially in cases where an organization is involved and when gathering in a place is possible; but never forget the most basic of all – the token of appreciation. 

Here are some great ideas for thank you gifts you can give to the volunteers. To write the perfect thank you wordings for volunteers check sample thank you messages for volunteers

Do consider the interests and theme of the voluntary tasks, when choosing the gifts. Read on to find the perfect appreciation/ thank you gifts for volunteers. 

  • A culinary basket – This gift is best for those who love food and cooking in particular. You may include a very unique recipe that you think they will surely enjoy along with the food ingredients in individual packages. If possible, include a sample finished product in the gift basket.

  • Scrapbook set – A scrapbook or craft set may include a blank book, some colored pens, craft scissors, coloring materials, and ribbons. Arrange these neatly in a box, basket, or tied together with a wide satin ribbon. This gift set is also recommended if you need to send the gift through mail. 

  • Jar of Goodies – There are lots of things that can fit in a jar. Assorted candies and chocolates in a jar can be given to student volunteers. Cookies and dry colorful desserts are also perfect as gifts especially for kids, teens, and even women.

  • Laptop bag – A laptop bag is a great gift for people who have volunteered for business- and education-related projects. Students, teachers, officemates, writers, travelers, and freelancers will definitely feel that you are aware of their needs.

  • Art tools – Many exhibits still depend on concerted voluntary efforts. A new set of proper tools will be most welcome for artists, model kit enthusiasts, and hobbyists. When cash gifts will not look proper, hobby-related items will not be frowned upon.  

  • Tickets – Perhaps a very special performer will be in town soon. Drop a hint by opening a topic about the upcoming concert or stage performance. If the excitement is buzzing, you may consider buying tickets for your volunteers. If you have access to discounted rates, these free entrance tickets can even be a way to attract volunteer workers for your project.

  • Buffet dinner – After a tiring event, a hearty meal is most welcome. Treat your volunteers to a filling buffet dinner in a local restaurant or hotel. Maybe you can even try to arrange discounts with the buffet restaurant if your expected headcount is a good number.

  • A framed certificate – This is a classic but much appreciated token of appreciation. It is even more priceless if the signatory of the plaque or certificate is a dignitary or a superstar.

  • Gardening tools and seeds – To the team to who helped you make your yard or garden look fabulous, a special garden tool or some packets of extraordinary plant breeds packed in burlap and twine will be a nice gift.

  • Framed photo with autographed messages – One very unique and exclusive appreciation gift fitting for an individual who volunteered in an event with famous people is to have her photo together with celebrity participators framed with short and signed messages of the celebs around the photo.

  • Personal espresso maker – Let’s face it. More often than not, volunteers are workaholic adrenalin junkies. Much to our benefit, they love to move around. Give them something to fire up their energies. An espresso maker with a batch of beans would be a nice gift.

  • A personalized blank book – It could be leather-bound or cloth bound, a blank book is a classy and useful gift, especially for volunteer teachers, parents, and business colleagues. 

  • Cork board – volunteer teachers and co-office worker would appreciate having a new cork board if these are not provided by the company by default. 

  • Uniquely shaped push pins – If your budget does not allow you to buy a cork board, then you can also opt to give unique push pins instead. To add a special touch, make the push pins yourself by getting ideas from craft websites.

  • Gift of time – If you have no budget to buy your volunteer a gift, then you can also make a promise coupon that you will volunteer your time for a certain task in the near future. 

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