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As the wedding gets over, it is time to say "thank you" to one and all. Wedding thank you gifts are a great way to say thank you for your guests presence and blessings during the joyous occasion.

If you are wondering what to give as the the perfect thank you gift, to your wedding guests. Well you have reached the right spot. Here you will find a great collection of thank you gifts ideas for your wedding guests. 

Glass Pendants
A little party bag gift with a glass pendant  filled with some gold and silver coloured dust with embossed photo of bride and groom can be cute and lovely gift for the wedding occasion.

Photo Frames
Photo frames are perfect as a gift even after receiving several of them for many occasions.  Decorated photo frames with pearls or zinc alloy can be another pretty thank you gift.

Chopstick set
Chopstick gifts sets make perfect gift for wedding guests. They come in pairs and are beautifully coloured. They are simple and elegant gifts to all irrespective of whether they eat with chopsticks or not.

USB Lighter Flash Drive
A simple but great gadget for tech-savvy guests. Commonly used by young and old and can be the perfect thank you gift for your big day.

Handmade glass bead bracelets
In this hi-tech fashion era, women would love to wear glass bracelets. Handmade bracelets with colourful beads would match any attire and be a perfect blend of fashion and beauty.

Jewellery box
Beautiful jewellery boxes that are lined to prevent scratching of jewellery can be dedicated to young girls and those women who are always young at heart. Specialised compartments to place watches, rings , bracelets and other jewellery can be a cool thank you gift.

Car shaped tissue box
Diehard fans of cars would love to see model cars on  their table or within their car. It can be  a unique gift and can remind the guests about the couple,  each time they see it on their table or their car.

Ceramic salt and pepper shakers
Though a simple item, it can turn out be an extraordinary item as a  thank you gift. Simply imprint them with couple picture or name of the couple and surprise the guests.

Bag hanger
A handy gift to hang bags at home or outside.  It can be used to hang bags even by placing it on the edge of the table. This contemporary gift can be personalised  for wedding guests and can be folded in place when it is not used.

With this  perfect list of gift ideas deciding on thank you gifts for your wedding guests would be really simple and easy now. Remember to  personalize your gifts and surprise your guests!

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