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Anniversaries are meaningful occasions to give symbolic gifts that are traditionally assigned for each year. You can follow tradition and also be as creative as you can get with the numerous gift ideas available for every anniversary. 

Check out these amazing gift ideas for wedding anniversary. We are sure you will find the perfect wedding anniversary gift from our collection of anniversary gift ideas. 

  • Matching Watches - Anything that tells time is a symbolic gift for the first anniversary. According to Henry Van Dyke "For those who love, time is eternity."

  • Cotton Hammock - Like the interwoven threads, this gift symbolizes togetherness while cotton is symbol of being comfortable with each other. This is a perfect and symbolic second anniversary gift.

  • Leather Lazy Boy - Just like the toughness of leather, this gift can also means protection against the external forces that can harm a marriage. On the third year, why not indulge your spouse to a comfortable new lazy boy chair in leather cover?

  • Coffee Maker- Perhaps it's about time to buy a new coffee maker for your espresso-loving spouse. Talk about nice memories over a cup of home-brewed coffee or surprise your spouse with a delicious morning coffee using the new coffee maker. An electrical appliance is also a popular modern 4th anniversary gift.

  • Wooden Jewelry Box- By the time it is your 5th anniversary, your spouse may have collected several watches or jewelry items. A wooden jewelry box is a nice gift because wood also symbolizes that your marriage is strengthening through time.

  • A Box of Gourmet Chocolates - It is time to rekindle the passion. Chocolate, known throughout the ages as an aphrodisiac, is an excellent gift. A box of fine gourmet chocolates is also the perfect symbolic gift for a 6th anniversary.

  • Solid Copper Magnetic Therapy Cuff Bracelet - Copper is the symbolic gift for a 7th anniversary which symbolizes heat. Make it more modern and give a therapy or healing bracelet instead.

  • Bronze and leather Bracelet - Give your husband a perfect gift for your 8th anniversary. Bronze and leather represents strength of love and willpower that bind your union through the years you have been together.

  • Custom-made mugs - Like pottery, your marriage has gone through the various experiences that mold you together. Your relationship may have been through fire and yet stayed strong and in shape. Celebrate your 9th anniversary with these custom-made mugs.

  • Custom Tin Aluminum License Plate - On your 10th anniversary, have a custom-made licence plate with numbers that symbolize the date of your wedding. Etsy has very nice designs for this anniversary gift idea.

  • Stainless Steel Jewelry - Because steel is the 11th anniversary symbolic gift, you have a lot of choices to choose from. You can give your spouse a pendant, a bracelet, a ring, or wristwatch made of stainless steel.

  • Silk scarf - Your marriage has gone through the test of time and now, it's about time to enjoy the luxuries and finer things in life. A silk scarf given to your wife as an anniversary gift symbolizes all these especially when celebrating your 12th anniversary.

  • Lace lingerie - After 13 years of marriage, a lace lingerie gift will show your wife that you still see her as the most beautiful and finest woman around who deserves only the best intimate moments with you.

  • Gold bracelet - Gold is one of the favorite gifts given by couples to each other. This precious metal symbolizes the beauty that stands the test of time through fiery trials. It is a perfect 14th anniversary gift.

  • Quartz crystal watch - Crystals and watches are considered the symbolic gifts for 15th anniversaries. Crystal represents transparency and watch represents a lifetime of love. So, why not mix both by buying your spouse a watch with valuable crystal?
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