Thank You Gift Ideas For Teacher's Day/ Thank you Gifts For Teachers/ Gift Ideas For Teacher's day 

On occasions such as Teachers' day, children really love to appreciate the efforts of  their teacher with a thoughtful gift. So if you are looking for gift ideas for teachers you have reached the right spot. Here are top ten  thoughtful thank you  gifts for teachers to choose from. And for a perfect wording thank you note check  thank you message for teachers. 

1 Thank you card: Heartfelt thanks for a teacher is a wonderful gift. With the help of some craft paper and a thick white paper, it is easy to create a thank you card. Write some thoughtful thank you messages for teachers and decorate it based on your ideas. 

2 Travel Mug:  It will be so easy to get  a  travel mug that can be placed on a school desk or in a car. It will be great if you can get one with a teachers' day theme. A teacher will always remember you, when he/she takes his/her favourite beverage. 

3 Cute bags: A teacher will always use bags to carry school materials. Why not consider a simple cotton or tote bag? Personalize it with words as " The World's best teacher" or "Teacher - You touch lives" or similar other words using paint or embroidery work.

4 School/Office supplies: A teacher would appreciate simple gifts as school/office supplies as they need them all year round. Pen sets, pen stands, note pads and similar other supplies as markers can be great.

5 Pop-up notes dispenser:   Pop up notes are highly useful for teachers to scribble day to day notes. It helps keep a teacher's desk neat and organized.  Great to get a heavy dispenser and personalize  it with some  thoughtful words.

6 Thoughtful E-mail to school Principal:  In this era of technology, play with some words to express how much you appreciate your  child's teacher  and how he/she encouraged your child to perform better.  E-mail the principal and cc: the teacher. For the perfect wording check thank you messages for teachers.

7 Books:  Books are great for a teacher. Think about getting a lesson planner book as it helps your  teacher to stay organized while planning lessons. Sticker books can also be considered, if the teacher uses them to grade student's work.

8 Clip art books: Clip art books are popular these days and it can be used to enhance activity sheets, bulletin boards and activity sheets. They are great to plan lessons, celebrate special events and welcome kids to school. Get one  for your favourite teacher as a thank you gift.

9 Flash Drive: Very commonly used by teachers and it is great for teachers to save files on the go. Portable drive can be used by teachers at their convenience and it isn't expensive to get one during an IT sale.

10 Homemade treats: There is nothing better to say "thank you"  to a favourite teacher than to spend some time baking some edible treats. 

Thank You Gift Ideas For Nursery Teachers/ Thank you Gifts For Nursery Teachers/ Gift Ideas For Teacher's day 

If you are looking for  great thank you gifts for your nursery teacher, you have reached the right spot. Here are some great thank you gift ideas for nursery teachers. A nursery teacher moulds and nurtures the next generation of young kids. They deserve a thank you  gift and something more than a mere thank you. 

It indeed requires great patience to mould and discipline young kids. There are numerous occasions to say thank you to the teachers. Here are awesome thank you gift ideas for nursery teachers to chose from.

Clip on Cup holder: It is one of the best gifts to consider for a teacher. It helps to avoid spills especially in class to avoid spills. A cup holder is not just for cups, but  can also be used to hold  any liquid material in cups and it is highly useful in a class with young kids.

Pen stands: Pen or pencils, a pen stand is important to store up all the pens. A nursery teacher will have lots of them and a teachers needs at least few of them. Think about creative and attractive pen stands.

Key chains: It is a simple gift, but a great way to thank teacher for all her efforts put to teach the child. A pair of key chain can be found in different price ranges, but gifting the teacher with a lovely is  indeed a great way to say "Thank You."

Handmade gifts: A gorgeous way to surprise the teacher is to gift your own personalised gifts. Example : An apple plaque can be made using red and green  velvet cloth cut and made in the shape of an apple. Embellish the red apple with some cute buttons. Use the green velvet to make the stem and leaf. You can do some simple embroidery using a light colour thread to Thank you Ms. XYZ."

Plated spoons: A teacher would use spoons to eat her breakfast or light snacks. Why not consider plated spoons? Use some witty thank you quotes to appreciate the teacher and get the spoon plated. Wrap the spoon in a tissue and package them to gift your child's nursery teacher.

Rubber stamps: A teacher would need rubber stamps to appreciate the work of her students. She would need them all year round and small kids would love to see their work chopped  with stars and words of praise. Get few sets of rubber stamps with chops such as "Well done, Good work, A* student etc. It will truly be a unique gift for a nursery teacher.

Pencil case: A teacher would need pencil case to store up her pens and pencils all year round. Just personalise the set  and the teacher would love to know how much her work is appreciated. 

Along with the right thank you gift, it is always best to add your little kid's handwritten card or notes. Teachers will definitely love it and they will cherish it!For the perfect thank you messages for teachers check the related post right away. 

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