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Holidays present opportunities to give gifts to your business clients. If you think you’ve ran out of ideas, here is a amazing list of best gift ideas for business clients. Read on to find the perfect gift for your business clients.  

  • Amazon gift card – If you think your client is an Amazon shopper, this is one very versatile and practical gift to give. The recipient is not limited to a few choices. Exercise caution. To some, this may seem impersonal especially to those who have no access to Amazon store. In reality this is a wise gift option.

  • Coffee gift basket – For clients who could not survive a day without several doses of caffeine, this is a perfect gift. Choose one that offers a variety of exotic beans and some accessories to extend their coffee enjoyment.

  • Newton Cradle – Named after the scientist Sir Isaac Newton, this quirky yet classic desk toy is entertaining as well as mind-tickling with its actual demonstration of Newton’s Law right in front of the eyes. 

  • Atomic Digital World Map Clock – For the time-conscious and jet-setter client, give a gift that’s not only functional, but also beautiful and classy. This atomic digital world map clock can also show 4 time zones around the world. 

  • USB hub – This one can be a nice promotional gift to clients or loyal customers who you think could use an extra gadget that can accommodate multiple USB devices. This is great for students, teachers, office workers, and just about anyone who uses the computer.

  • Paperweight  – Although paperweights are commons business, gifts, there are very good and unique ones that add extra value to the desk appeal. Choose ones made of glass, magnifiers, or a heavy stainless steel. Avoid the cheap-looking and tacky ones with corporate logos. 

  • Gourmet gift basket – This may be one of the more common but also among the more delightful gifts received by clients. Who would want to reject a basket full of delicious gourmet cookies? Probably the ones who will can regift it to someone who will definitely enjoy it.

  • Neoprene tablet sleeve – A tablet sleeve is a practical and inexpensive gift for any occasion. This can be personalized to fit the style of the recipient or choose from classic bold colors. 

  • Gourmet Chocolate basket – Chocolates are probably the most delightful of gifts. Choose the premium brands of the highest quality that you can afford. This would reflect how classy you are in your gift choices. 

  • Fleece throw blankets - With this kind of gift, you don’t have to worry about size or fitting. It is a suitable choice for the undecided ones. The receiver will always find value in a fleece blanket. If they have kids, this will be very useful.

  • Starbucks gift cards - If you know that your client loves buying coffee at Starbucks, then this is a perfect gift. It’s a no-brainer and a definitely welcome gift any time of the year for someone who enjoys several cups from this famous coffee shop. 

  •  Cashmere scarf- Whether for male or female business clients, the cashmere scarf can make a nice gift. Choose classic colors or earth tones that can match any wardrobe.

  • Magazine subscription – A magazine subscription is a gift that can be enjoyed all year long. Take an extra effort to know the interest or hobbies of your client to make your gift worth keeping.

  • Services – Your business may be in the form of services. You can give a gift without spending anything by offering a service free of charge. Give a certificate or a coupon that can offer one, two, or three services for free such as free computer repair, free laundry, free janitorial service, etc.

  • Restaurant gift certificate – Much appreciated by clients, especially ones with spouses or families, is a restaurant gift certificate which will allow them to treat their families. This type of gift shows how much you value family life.
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