Birthday Gift Ideas

Thank You Gift Ideas For Birthday Party/ Birthday Party Return Gift Ideas/ Return Gift Ideas For Birthday Party/ Birthday Party Favor Ideas 

One of the best ways to tell all your guests  that their presence is appreciated, is to present them a thank you gift. If you are wondering what gift would be the best return gift for birthday party then help is at hand. Here is a collection of awesome thank you gift ideas for birthday party 

1. Flashing safety lights: These lights are quite useful and can be attached to back pack, dogs and on cycles. Attachable to any surface and can be switched on and off by simply pressing a button. Many online and offline shops sell such flashing safety lights and it is cheaper to order them in bulk.

2. Candy creations: Get small and cute plastic buckets, egg or spade or similar other shapes. Fill in with candies or chocolates as M&M  and wrap with cute plastic sheets. Attach a " Thank You" note and present your own candy creation. It is a simple DIY gift item and you could create them with little effort.

3. Cup cake creative: Simple bake cup cakes and decorate them with icing and edible n' colourful decorations. Wrap them in transparent plastic and attach a lovely note expressing your heartfelt thanks for attending the birthday party. If you are an avid baker, your could turn your passion of baking  to a wonderful thank you gift for all your guests.

4.Cookie Platter: Bake your own cookies with different characters and shapes or simply buy them. Arrange them in small and colourful plates. Wrap it up in a plastic  with a lovely note to tell them how much you appreciate the presence of your wonderful guests.

5. Play Dough Kits: A wonderful alternative to  sweets is the play dough. Make your own kits or buy a readymade one. Kids will love to play with play dough and nothing else could be the best alternative to replace candy treats. Just remember to look for other options if the play dough is inappropriate for infants and small kids.

6.Nutty caramel Apple: Take Granny Smith apples and dip them in caramel and roll it in powdered granular nuts. Include whole apples for a beautiful gift and wrap them based on your creativity. Don't forget to include your thank you note.

7. Art n' Craft sets: Dollar value stores can help you find art n' craft sets at your desirable price range. Find the best sets for boys and girls and insert them into goody bag birthday bags. Attach a personal  note to say thank you and add up few personal lines. This set is another wonderful gift alternative to candies.

8. Science sets: For older kids, science kits can amuse and raise their curiosity. Example:  Find simple science kits with materials to make crystals or other DIY craft sets to learn more on plants and materials around.. Many simple and amazing science kits are not difficult to find.

Make your own thank you gift sets as the return gifts for the birthday party as above  and tell your guests that you enjoyed their presence at the party!

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