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To make this day memorable for you and your guests it would be indeed a great ideas to gove your guests the Housewarming party favors. 

The Housewarming party return gifts need not be expensive. What is important is that the guests will feel your spirit of generosity without being flamboyant. Here are some thank you gift ideas you can use. Don’t forget to attach a thank you card with a heartfelt thank you message for the housewarming gifts.

  • Neck Pillows or Back Pillows – Pillows symbolize coziness, just like your home should feel. If you have a basic knowledge of sewing, you can easily make small pillows out of polyester material and fiberfill. 

  • Mugs – Tacky you say? Not if the mug has a unique printed phrase or design that clearly reflects your personality. You can even print a unique quote for each mug.  Mugs are cheap, useful, and in this case, one of a kind. 

  • Bedroom slippers – Soft and fluffy bedroom slippers are nice to have. Are you a woman who just moved in to a cozy new flat? Your women guests would be ecstatic to try these on.

  • Customized shot glasses - Shot glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are shaped like tiny mason jars, inverted bottle tops, or a chemistry glass. Choose a design that’s so unique your guests will want to use it over and over again.

  • Hand towels – any bathroom or kitchen will need a hand towel. Your guests will be able to use these in their own homes. Choose towels in a single bold color or one with a stand-out print such as polka dots or oriental arabesque designs. 

  • Bird feeders and seeds – If you live in the countryside and you think your guests love birds and nature, make small bird feeders filled with a variety of seeds. Check out the DIY bird feeder projects you can find online. 

  • Scented or herbal candles – This is probably one of the most economical yet also among the most useful gifts you can give to your housewarming guests. Make your own scented candles. Print a short heartwarming message or a scripture verse on the glass to add a special touch.

  • Edible favors – Food gifts such as cookies, sauces, condiments, and other food items fall in this category. These may be the most common types of favors; but they can still be adorable and unforgettable, especially when personally baked or cooked by the host.

  • Upcycled bottles – If you are into the craft of upcycling such as turning used wine bottles into drinking glasses, you can make a unique housewarming gift and at the same time, help save the environment. 

  • Handmade soaps – These can be in the form of solid bar soaps or liquid soaps. Find an easy tutorial on YouTube or Pinterest. The liquid soaps can be placed in reused 250 ml. plastic water bottles if you have enough.

  • Music CDs – Are you a musician? Why not make a recording or a compilation of your own relaxing music? This serves as a good memento for your guests as well as a promotional effort for your future projects. 

  • Cacti – Small cactus plants in tiny pots can also make nice housewarming gifts. Why the cactus? It is low maintenance, and it takes up so little space that it can even be placed on a work desk. 

  • Recycled tin can candle holders – If you have a lot of small or medium-sized cans at home, simply drill small holes and design nifty patterns as your style taste dictates. Paint these cans with using lacquer aerosol or by brush. Place a tea light candle inside and now you have a nice recycled candle holder which you can give as a housewarming gift.

  • Lucky charm wheat – If you live in an area where wheat is abundant, you can make a small bunch or wreath made of wheat using craft wires and ribbon. This wreath can be hung on any wall or door of the house either as a lucky charm or an ornament.

  • Lavender sachet – Any room or closet will need an amount of freshening from time to time. You can buy lavender salts or scented potpourri in bulk and place these in small sachets. Another option is cedar blocks which also freshens any closet or shoe cabinet. Vary scents as you wish.  
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