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The women who helped make your dream wedding a success deserve special tokens of appreciation. To help you choose the ideal gifts for your Bridesmaids here is an amazing list of gift ideas for Bridesmaids. Read on to find the perfect wedding gifts for Bridesmaids right here. 

The gifts for bridesmaids may be personally handed out by the bride during a meeting before the wedding or a private convenient time for both the bride and the bridesmaids. Ideally, these special mementos are to be monogrammed with the names or initials of the bride and the groom. 

Here are some amazing thank you gift ideas for bridesmaids. For the perfect thank you wordings check sample thank you messages for Bridesmaids

  • Clutch purse - Every woman loves to have a variety of handbags and clutch purses. Giving your Bridesmaids a clutch purse as a thank you gift can be indeed an excellent and of course a very practical gift.

  • Scarf – There can never be enough scarves for women. It is probably the most practical and most versatile fashion accessory. 

  • Scented soy candles – Names and messages can also be printed on the glass container. Scented soy candles can be a very nice gift to offer.
  • Gourmet chocolates – Next to a diamond, a chocolate is probably the next best friend of a woman. Give your Bridesmaids the gourmet chocolates to enjoy . 

  • Sterling silver necklace – Go for classic chains or a vintage look that can complement the simplest LBD (Little Black Dress). 

  • Silk or satin robe – A robe lingerie or sleepwear makes a delightful gift for any woman. Its delicate fabric symbolizes how you value the femininity of your friend. 

  • Designer lipstick and eyeliner set – Two of women’s must have cosmetics in designer labels can be a welcome gift for any bridesmaid. Think Dior, YSL, or Estee Lauder. 

  • Freshwater pearl bracelet – This can also be used as part of the wedding ensemble outfit. Every woman must have at least one piece of pearl jewelry. This gift will be the most memorable one. 

  • Beach tote bag – This one’s particularly perfect for those beach wedding venues. You can even have a pictorial together using these nice bags. 

  • Sephora favorites perfume sampler – Give your bridesmaid scents that can go with various moods, give her a sampling of the top fragrances from Sephora. 

  • Earrings – A pair of drop earrings in pearl or sparkling zirconia that would also look best with the bridesmaid attire is one pretty gift you can give. Add a “Thank You” note to the jewelry box to make it more special. 

  • Personalized travel makeup brushes – A set of makeup brushes each with the bridesmaid’s name engraved or printed on the stem would be a cherished gift. 

  • Stylish flip flop sandals – If you plan to have a dance party during the wedding reception, a pair of stylish flip flops would extend the enjoyment of your bridesmaids as they dance the night away. 

  • Pashmina – A versatile fashion accessory such as a wrap will keep your bridesmaids warm during the wedding ceremony, party, and even long after the wedding is over. An ultra-feminine pashmina in your wedding color palette will be a good remembrance. 

  • Silk pajamas or nightgown – Your bridal party may require an overnight stay at a resort or hotel. It will be really nice to have some luxurious sleepwear both for personal and pictorial purposes. 

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