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Whether you are leaving a job or looking for a perfect gift for Boss' s day, there are several  gifts that you can consider to gift to your boss. Despite having several options, it sometimes is a bit stressful finding the perfect gift for your boss. Well stop worrying, here is a list of thank you gift ideas for Boss,which are your wallet friendly too. So go ahead and choose the perfect thank you gift for your Boss.

  • Green Tea set: Green tea gift set is ideal for green tea lovers. Think about making a fabulous gift set of your own with quality green tea  bags, stirrer and spoon. Wrap up and turn it into a beautiful tea set for a boss who loves sipping on green tea.
  • Globes: A great gift to a boss that means a world to you. There are several options today with globes on a wooden stand that can be engraved. Gift them to a boss to say thank you.
  • Message boards: Gone are the days of several sticky notes on the table. Think about a acrylic  message board with lights, clock alarm and timer. It could be perfect gift to a boss who uses several sticky notes on his/her table.
  • Pens and pen holders: Though a very common gift item, you can find pen sets with unique themes. Think about pen holders with positive notes that will encourage your boss and brighten up her day.
  • Document holder: A  simple gift that can be handed to your boss to show your nice and kind gesture. This stylish stationery gift set will also remain as a gift to your boss when you are unsure how personal you can get with him/her. Looking for something expensive and stylish? Think about leather bound document holders.
  • Inspirational gift books: Everyone needs to be inspired some time or another and your boss is no exception. Hand over an inspirational gift book to your boss to be inspired and inspire your team as well.
  • Table clocks: A clock that tells the time and has some inspirational quotes can be great for your boss's table. Need not be a  very expensive one, but it will be the perfect way to say thank you time and time again.
  • Travel gifts: Is your boss a frequent traveller? Think about travel related gifts - Bath and Body gifts sets, a grooming collection, replenishing body creams, emergency medication kits,  city guides and so on.
  • Personal gifts:  Have you established a personal relationship with your boss? Then think about gifts related to his/her hobbies. An avid golfer can be gifted  with a golf themed penholder. It is ideal to say thank you with a gift related to his/her hobbies.
  • Gift certificates: Amazon gift cards or gift cards of popular coffee/tea outlets are ideal if you are not keen to select  a particular gift. 
A good thank you gift can certainly help establish a good relationship with your boss. Understand your boss's hobbies, interest and personality before you start looking for that perfect gift.

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