Thank You Gift Ideas For Colleagues/ Thank You Gift Ideas For Coworkers/ Gift Ideas For Colleagues
Planning to thank your colleague with a beautiful gift. Well stop stressing as here is a amazing list of thank you gift ideas for colleagues to choose from. So go ahead and find the perfect gift ideas for your colleagues:


You see your colleague carrying tonnes of things every day after work. What could be a perfect gift than handbag? You can go  a  step further by initialising the bag with first letter of their name. This would make them feel more special .

Godiva Chocolates 

Does your colleague have sugar craving? Gift her with some goodness of chocolates to stave off hunger and sugar craving. Get a box of chocolates with white chocolates, dark chocolates, chocolate caramel and other flavours.

Desk Organiser 

There are several books, papers and files on the desk of your colleague. Think about a desk organiser as a gift. With limitless options around, you can choose something of suitable price range and that best fits the office desk.

Phone Cover

If you know the brand of hand phone your colleague is using,  it is a great  idea to consider a hand phone cover. Most hand phone covers need to be changed due to the frequent use.

Gift Basket

Due to frequent interactions with your colleague, you may be aware of hobbies, materials and things that would bring her pleasure. Consider getting a gift basket with items of different brands as a gift. A cheaper way to gift a basket is to make one by yourself.

Gift Certificates/Cards

Finding the perfect gift for your colleague turns out to be a daunting task and you are wondering what you must do next? Think of gift certificates as this allows your colleague to choose  anything he/she really needs.

Slanting Suction Cup holders

With high use of hi-tech devices on office table, who will not appreciate double sided slanting suction cups?  It holds smart- phones and tablets in a slanting position and allows users to do hands free browsing of  SMS messages  and news updates.

Inspirational book

Colleagues often face challenges at work and as a colleague you understand them better. Try giving gifts with messages of motivation, wisdom and strength that can encourage them through tough times. So many colleagues get so caught up with the challenges that they hardly can move up. Bring hope and positivity to your colleague with a good inspirational book.

Letter tray, business card holder, cuff links and desk clocks are other great gifts that you can consider.

The gifts that you present to your colleague must  highlight the message that you care and appreciate the helpful and friendly nature of your colleague. A thoughtful thank you gift for colleagues projects a message that you really care!

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