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No matter how grown up your brother is, finding a gift is indeed tricky. Well if you are looking for some cool gifts for your brother, go ahead and read our amazing list of perfect gift ideas for brother. 

  • Ties: Ties are a good gift and you can find one in different price ranges. It all depends on the fabric and you can find an excellent one for your brother based on his taste. Some tie sets also come with cufflinks and you can find one based on how much you are willing to spend.

  • Desk mate: Desk mate devices are priced just over 20$ can be used to charge cell phones, hold paper clips and even to hold pens. They are ideal for office desks and can give a tidy look to the table. Consider buying it as a gift if you think your brother needs an organiser of that sort.

  • Portable chargers for cell phones: If you happen to have a brother who often forgets to charge his phone or is a frequent traveller, consider buying mobile chargers. They can be as small as a pen and can be carried with ease.

  • Wireless Headphones: Keen to give a cable free Bluetooth ear-phone experience to your brother? Consider buying a wireless headphone for your brother. 

  • Wrist bands: Are you having a brother who is also a fitness enthusiast? Consider the latest wrist bands that can track heartbeat, blood pressure, sleep and diet. It can wirelessly sync with the phone and can be considered if he doesn’t bother about wearable devices.

  • Bicycle: They are ideal if your brother works closer to home. It is an ideal gift, if your brother needs to get back in shape and burn the extra calories without spending too much time on gym workouts. Additionally, your gift can help reduce carbon foot print and make him environment friendly.

  • Sunglasses: They are an age old and a common gift, but it can be a good gift to your brother if he spends much time outdoors. Select a stylish one that best suits him. Imagine the joy you receive when you see your brother in style with your gifted sunglasses.

  • Day trip to a tourist destination: Buy a ticket for a day trip and lunch to the best or nearest tourist destination. Find the best deals and buy a ticket based on your budget. You can surprise him and he will surely enjoy the trip. Look for online deals that can be bought with ease or delay.

With all the above amazing gift ideas you can easily buy a surprise spectacular gift for your brother. So what are you waiting for? Get set for the gift shopping right away! 

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