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Gift Ideas For Bridal Shower/Bridal Shower Gift Ideas/Best Gift Ideas For Bridal Shower 

Aside from the having an opportunity to party with the bride’s closest friends during her last days of being single, bridal showers are also created so that the bride can be showered with gifts. Read on to find the perfect gift for the next bridal shower party you will be attending.

  • Picnic basket – She may not be able to use it immediately, but the sight of this picnic basket filled with nice utensils, plates, and a pair of wine glass will make her look forward to a romantic picnic with her hubby soon.

  • Homemade bath bombs or bath salts – An inexpensive gift can still be awesome, adding the fact that it is personally made by you, it becomes more awesome. Surely, these bath bombs and bath salts will be put to good use in the new bathroom. 

  • Spa relaxation package – With the very stressful and hectic schedules of a bride-to-be, she would appreciate a gift that will let her relax and indulge a pampering session. A massage service gift certificate together with a relaxing audio CD can be much appreciated. 

  • Restaurant dinner for two gift certificate – Add another romantic dinner experience for the newlywed couple when all activities have settled down. 

  • Makeup kit – The bride may travel soon and she may need a new makeup kit to place her travel cosmetics in. Check out the latest designs from Etsy or Amazon.

  • Multipurpose cosmetics – She may soon become a busier woman than ever as soon as she fills in the role of a super wife and a super mom. Multipurpose cosmetics will come in handy for those quick primping as well as for traveling.

  • Scarf – Always a classic part of the wardrobe, another stylish scarf will be welcome. It is perhaps one of the easier-to-find but much-appreciated gifts that are for keeps.

  • A full year’s magazine subscription – Does the bride love reading? Give her a full year’s subscription of the types of magazines she loves. Perhaps she can use some tips from Good Housekeeping or cooking magazines.

  • Netflix gift card – Want to give something enjoyable but not bulky? A Netflix Gift Card can give the new couple entertaining moments whenever they want to on whatever film they want to watch.

  • A tree – A tree, the symbol of life and hope can be given as a gift. This one is perfect for environmentalists as well as garden enthusiasts. If you know that the couple will be residing in a place of their own that includes a yard, this gift is an excellent one that will last several generations.

  • Photo pictorial session – Make her feel a little more special than what she already is. Do you have a talent behind the lens? Give her a free professional photoshoot. Compile the post production photos in a CD later. 

  • Sleepwear – Some may find giving sleepwear a common thing during bridal showers. But hey, people sleep every day, so why not give something she can use on some of those nights?

  • Monogrammed tulip glasses – Get a pair of crystal tulip glasses and have these monogrammed with the bride and the groom’s name. It is a classy and unique gift that symbolizes many intimate celebrations ahead.

  • A CD collection of the couple’s favorite songs – This is one nostalgic gift that can bring out pleasant memories in the many years to come.

  • Something off the registry - If the bride has a registry, then you might as well use it. It means she wants something from there. Plain and simple.

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