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A farewell party is an occasion with mixed emotions of excitement and uncertainty. Make this even memorable by giving a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Read on to find the best farewell party gift ideas. 

  • Wearable tech USB wristband – A USB wristband is a modern gift that does not weigh much and will help keep the user’s data close and portable. It is also one gift that will not be discarded easily because of its functionality and practicality.

  • Framed photo of the town – For a person or family who will be migrating to another city or country for good, a framed memento photo of the town to be left behind will continue to remind the gift recipient of fond memories.

  • Restaurant gift cards of the new town – This type of gift will have to use some research but it is very worth your effort if you do.  An opportunity to sample the culinary delights of a new place is always a delightful gift. 

  • Food delivery service for a week – Someone who will be moving to a new town will be very busy setting up the place and may not have enough time to prepare food. If food delivery service is available there, several free meals will be more than welcome.

  • Basket of toiletries for the dorm – A student leaving the city to go live in a dormitory for the rest of the university years will need some supplies. Fill up a hamper with toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, and like stuff that can be used for the dorm life. 

  • Cleaning services – This is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts any new settler will receive. Check out the nearest cleaning service companies in the vicinity of the new residence and pay for a service or two in advance. This voucher will come in handy in the near future.

  • Garden seeds – Someone who has a green thumb will love the idea of having a packet of new seeds of a favorite plant to grow in the new environment.

  • Flash mob – Be trendy and organize a cool flash mob for the farewell party. This will require time and effort from the participators. The memories of this performance will last a lifetime.

  • Video montage CD – Showcase a montage of photos, videos, and music clips that feature the best of times and the funniest moments of the person who is leaving. This will definitely be a cherished keepsake.

  • Furniture gift certificate – New furniture is going to be a welcome addition especially for someone who will be starting a new life in a new city. Because a piece of furniture will be too heavy to carry, allow the receiver to choose a new one from a store near the destined new place. Be sure it also has a delivery service.

  • Photo strips bookmarks – Printed bookmark strips featuring photos showing happy and quirky moments are cheap and yet memorable gifts that are perfect for classmates, best friends, and mushy individuals.

  • City maps book – No longer will the newcomer be lost in the new city with a maps book complete with directory of the best places to visit. 

  • Money creatively packed – Money will always be a welcome gift especially for someone who doesn’t want to carry bulky gifts. Creatively pack the bills in a book, in a can, or arranged in origami form. 

  • Wristwatch – Small and precious, a wristwatch is a classy gift anytime. Try to match the watch with the lifestyle of the person to make the gift more meaningful.

  • Pendant – A romantic and also a heartwarming gift, the pendant is a common gift for people who are close to the heart. And a Farewell gift like a pendant can be the most unforgettable gift. 




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