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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Husband/ Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him/ Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Husband

When choosing a Valentine’s gift for your husband, keep in mind his interests and things or activities that would make him happy. For being a faithful and loving husband to you and you alone, he deserves a gift. 

Flirting and lavishing each other with gifts should still continue long after that magical wedding day. Gifts need not be expensive, but rather, should be well thought of. Be creative.  Not all guys are cheesy or romantic; but the Valentine day gives you an excuse to give him gifts. Check out our collection of Best Valentines day gift ideas for Husband. 

  • Spend a day with him and his hobby. – Boys will always be boys. They will always have toys, which they call “hobbies” in their adult years. If he has been bugging you for the longest time to check out his hobby, why not spend that day with him in a hobby-filled day? Otherwise try another gift.

  • Touch screen gloves – If your hubby still uses ordinary gloves during the cold seasons and he has a touch screen smartphone, the touch screen gloves is one gift he can use for a long time. 

  • Solar backpack – A great gift that appeals to the outdoorsman in him. This should give him the much needed electronic juices he requires while out there during his adventure and still be in touch with you the whole time.

  • After-Valentine’s Day getaway - This is for the wise couple who refuse to go with the crowd. Your getaway is guaranteed to be more intimate with lesser people around popular destinations.

  • Photo book featuring yourself in different sexy poses – You can do your own photo shoot and do some post production. Watch his face light up seeing the different you. You know what comes next.

  • Boxer shorts - He may be quite stubborn in replacing those old boxers but he wouldn't mind throwing them when he sees you've given him fresh pairs.

  • Perfume - A dead giveaway but none the less complements the man you love. Another bottle would be a good addition to his daily grooming.

  • Autographed sports item – This could be a tough one but it sure is worth it. Time is of the essence here. Your main concern is the authenticity of the item. Carefully review the item and the seller. A bit of google-ing would also help regarding the true condition of the item.

  • Watch - Men can never have enough of this. These are easy enough to find and the variety is stellar ranging from rare antiques to extreme modern or retro designs. You know him well enough to choose what should suit him.

  • Model kit - Want to see your husband wear that boyish look once again? A model kit is one of those things that could bring this back. Be sure to secretly check his stash of model kits first. Something that is not yet in his collection would surely be appreciated.

  • Beer kit - Easy enough to set up, these beer kits are made with those who have no experience in beer making in mind. Watch him name his very own brew and be proud of his produce that he'll serve to his friends.

  • ID Bracelet - Adding some bling on your hubby's wrist is a fine touch. These ID bracelets could be etched with his initials or your marriage motto. Perfect for complementing your wedding rings.

  • Cook a full course gourmet dinner - We all know the saying 'a way to a man's heart is through his stomach." You can never go wrong with this one.

  • Cell phone car mount - Keep his hands on the wheel while driving. Perfect for navigating around town or just keeping him safe with his daily commute.

  • Couple’s Massage – This will not only benefit him but you get to enjoy it as well. Whisk him away to a spa that caters to couples. A sauna bath would also be an excellent start followed by a long massage in a couple’s room. If you are on a low budget, you can do the massage do the massage at home. Set up the master’s bedroom to look like a spa or a hotel room.  

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her/ Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend/ Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

If there is one sure thing in this world, it is the fact that on Valentine’s Day, girlfriends should be receiving gifts. Yes, they are expecting that, even if they don’t say so! Melt her heart with these Valentines Day gift suggestions. 

Listed below are the most popular, classic, and yet the best-cherished valentines day gifts for girlfreinds. Read on to find the perfect Valentines Day Gift Ideas For her.  

  • Pendant For every woman there is a perfect pendant that reflects her fashion sense. You may give her a chain that comes with the pendant to complete the gift.

  • Chocolates Chocolate may probably be one of the oldest type of gift given to the girl or woman you love; but it is and will always be effective. Chocolates are known to be aphrodisiacs and also contain happy chemicals. Be sure to bring a beautiful box filled with the most decadent chocolates you can afford. Then, watch as she smiles with pleasure upon every bite. 

  • Perfume – Giving perfume as a gift to a woman is tricky. You can do this if you know your girlfriend’s choice of scent well or if you think she is hinting that she needs a new bottle of perfume. In most cases, this gift is a classy and a lovely Valentine’s Day love offering. 

  • A romantic book by her favorite author – Is she a bookworm? If you know her library well enough, you can tell who her favorite author is. Check out the latest release and give her one with having the most romantic plot.

  • Pillows – Depending on the style taste of your girlfriend, you can give her a pillow that she can use and display if she wants to. Otherwise, give her a high quality personalized bolster pillow for her bed. 

  • Lingerie – A very suggestive gift you can give to your girlfriend especially if you have been dating for a long time now or if you are living together. Choose a lingerie that will suit her personality. With the perfect timing, she might get the suggestion. Enjoy! 

  • Dinner date – This gift is almost always necessary to some women on Valentine’s Day. If she does not like going out to brave the crowded restaurants, treat her at home. You may need to give another gift though.

  • Nicholas Sparks Movie Collection – For a girlfriend who loves romantic movies, this set of 10 movies can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It is something she can enjoy alone or with her girlfriends. 

  • Spa massage oils – Give a set of spa massage oils but be sure to also offer to do the massage. Set the mood and go with the flow. Let your hands and fingers do the magic this coming Valentine’s Day.

  • Painted or sketched portrait – If you are an artist, this is perfect yet inexpensive gift you can give your girlfriend. You may choose to make a lovely portrait of her or the two of you together. It is a keepsake that will last for generations.

  • Personalized picture coaster set- A picture coaster is one functional yet romantic gift for a girlfriend especially if has a photo of the two of you kissing. 

  • Personalized Phone Case – A mobile phone accessory such as an iPhone case is another practical and stylish gift for a girlfriend who’s a gadget freak. 

  • Clutch Bag – For those formal dates, a new clutch bag is always a welcome gift for just about any woman. Pick one in her favorite color or you can go for classics in designer labels. Does she love bling? Perfect! 

  • A Puppy or a Kitten – If your girlfriend loves pets and she has the time and living space to accommodate one more pet, then this may be perfect for her. It would be best if you take her with you when choosing a pet. Be ready to be a pet sitter though if she should go out of town.

  • Bracelet – A bracelet in any form that suits her personality is a nice Valentine’s Day gift. This will always remind her of you whenever she wears the bracelet

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him/ Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriend/ Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him 

Valentine’s Day is another occasion to show your boyfriend that you want to shower him with affection and also with gifts, of course! Give a thoughtful and perfect gift to show him you care.

Make him feel special by giving him something that speaks of your love and care not only because of what you can get from him but also because you want to see his cute smile as he opens your present. 

Take note, guys will be guys. Gifts do not often need to be ever so cheesy and romantic. Read on to find the perfect Valentine Gift Ideas for him. We’ve done the research for you and we came up with the most-loved Valentine’s Day gifts. 

  • Leather Beer Caddy For Bikes – The boyfriend who is into biking will adore a leather beer caddy. Although it is for beer, it can also hold other bottled drinks.  It is durable and will last for many biking trips to come. The Fyxation Leather Bicycle Carrier is available on Amazon. 

  • Character Bolster Pillow – When you are not around, the pillow is his companion. Find a plain pillow case and have it custom printed with his favorite character. Is he into anime, robots, superheroes and the likes? Have a character digitally printed on the pillowcase. 

  • Bullet Pen – Guys who are fond of guns will appreciate this pen made out of a real bullet shell. It’s iconic, unique, and best of all, functional. 

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride - Even when he is afraid of heights, or even both of you for that matter, sharing this experience together could even be life changing, at least in the area of conquering one's fears, together. You'll see the world in a different perspective. Watch the scenery go by as you are pushed by the winds up there and cherish every moment of it.

  • Night Time Helicopter ride - witness the breath-taking view of the lighted city scape like never before! Take selfies with the whole city as your background. It's a unique experience worthy of making it into your memories' hall of fame. 

  • Concert tickets for two – This is a dead give-away but it makes a lot of difference when it is his favorite band. Enjoy good music, wild crowds and maybe even a wild night after he's all fired up! 

  • Outdoor portable speaker - Perfect for the guy who cannot be separated with his music. Be it on the beach, at camp or even just at home when he wants to enjoy his sounds privately or sharing them with you. It should be waterproof and dustproof which can take most of everyday use, anywhere. Choose one that connects via blue tooth for hassle-free enjoyment. 

  • Smartphone projector – Possibly the most fun way to enhance any smartphone's performance. Project images and videos from your smartphone to re-live those moments captured in today's wonder gadget in cinematic size! Will also enhance any smartphone's sound without the use of external speakers. Available on Amazon. 

  • Espresso maker - You can let him enjoy his coffee in the warmth of your home. No need to line up or be frustrated with late orders. Plus, you get to choose your own special beans for that bolder flavor that coffee shops fail to achieve. 

  • Pet - An addition to the family is always welcome. Be creative. Aside from a dog or a cat, you can also go with low maintenance pets like an iguana or a tarantula. 

  • Waterproof camera - you know he needs one of these especially when he misses the water like Aquaman. Enjoy breath-taking sceneries from the deep or some silly underwater selfies. You could even use this for some dramatic-under-heavy-rain shots. 

  • Chess Bottle stoppers – Gift him some perfect conversation starters during a party once he whips out these functional ornament to cap bottled drinks, be it wine or regular refreshments. 

  • A framed artwork you made - They say only your art remains forever in this world. Preserve it by giving it a frame and dedicate it to your one and only. 

  • iPad case – Why not? Protecting your investment is key to get more out of these can't-live-without gadgets. This should give it a longer life span or even a really good resale value. 

  • Watch box - They say you'll know a man by the watch he's wearing. Protect his watch collection with a watch box and he'll always be in his best whether at the office or leisure time with family or friends.

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