Thank You Gift Ideas For Friends/ Thank you Gifts For Friends/ Thank You Gift Ideas 

Thank You gifts for friends are needed for different day to day occasions. So if you are looking for the perfect thank you gift for your best friend here is an awesome collection of thank you gift ideas for freinds. Read on to find the  

ideal thank you gift for your friend. 

Small berry gift basket: Get a small, cute and colourful gift basket  and find all products made of a particular berry. If you are planning to get strawberry flavoured things, you could consider strawberry sweets, strawberry jam, erasers of strawberry shape, strawberry pastries and even strawberry flavoured lip balm. Pack them all in a pink colour basket and wrap with transparent gift wraps. Your cute berry gift basket will be ready with simple creativity!

Water bottle cum candy basket: It is not difficult to find water bottles of cute shades and colours. Get a cool shade of water bottle and add candies, cookies and sweets and different shades. Decorate the water bottle with a gift tag, stickers and ribbons. Transform the simple water bottle into an attractive thank you gift.

Gum balls in a candy jar : Candy jars of different  sizes are readily available in different shops. Fill them with gum balls of matching shades. You could consider filling it with gum balls of different colours or consider getting gum balls of two attractive shades. With bit of creativity, you could fill the jar with gum balls in a colourful pattern. Simple and easy way to create your own than you gift!

Baker's Basket: You can create a small DIY gift basket for friends who love to bake. Add in common materials needed to bake such as chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts . Transform the basket with decorations and labels into a gift basket. 

Candles: Scented candles can be packaged to make a tasteful gift. Handmade and delicately scented candles can be gifted as a thank you gift. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower or any other occasion when you want to thank your guests.

Spa set accessories: Foot brush, exfoliating body scrub, loofah and nail brush are all different spa set items that be packed individually or in group to make an ideal thank you gift. Even manicure or pedicure set can be included as a spa set gift item.

Inspirational Paperweight : Who does not need an inspiration from time to time? If you have a friend that needs some inspiration, find one for him/her to place on their work desk. It can be a good thank you gift that can provide inspiration. Paperweights could be religious quotes or simply a quote that says "when one door closes, another one opens."

Whatever be the occasion, go ahead and offer your friend with a creative and meaningful thank you gift! 

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